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Invest in Portugal

Tax Exemption in Portugal
Enjoy your Retirement in Portugal

Whether you want to invest in Portugal or come to live in Portugal and benefit from the tax exemption on your income, below you’ll find all the answers to your questions

If you are planning to move with your family or you want to invest in a holiday home, retirement home or house that you can rent for extra income, invest in Portugal is definitely your best choice:

A tax exemption for 10 years
for pensioners and professionals

One of the major reasons to invest in Portugal is tax exemption for 10 years. All family members are automatically eligible at no additional cost.

Secure real estate market

Perhaps the most important reason for an investment, Portugal has a proven and secure real estate market with an average property growth of 15% per year over the past 15 years. Invest in Portugal now, it’s a safe haven.

High rental income

The rental yield in Portugal, on average, remains one of the highest in Europe – you can rent your house all year round

A very safe place

According to the Global Peace Index, Portugal is one of the most peaceful country in the world with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. In fact, Lisbon has recently been voted the safest capital in Europe. Invest in Portugal, a very safe place to live and work.

Low cost of living

The cost of living, including food, beverages, gas, electricity, water and transportation, is much lower than most European Union countries. Yet another good reason to invest in Portugal.

Easy and quick access to and from Europe

From Portugal, the rest of Europe is very accessible through the country’s airports offering regular and low cost flights to most destinations in Europe and the rest of the world. Friends and family will have no problem coming to visit as often as you wish.

A solid public transport system.

Moving around the country is easy and enjoyable, public transport by road or rail is safe, reliable and affordable.

Good Life, yet another reason
invest in Portugal

Apart from the very pleasant climate, Portugal has a wonderful relaxed culture to enjoy ‘the simple things of life’ – good food, good wine, good company, sport or recreation. Invest in Portugal and you’ll also be investing in quality of living.

Very pleasant climate

Sunset on the Beach


Sports & Leisure

Portugal is without a doubt one of the top golf destinations in the world, with more than 50 world-class golf courses already built or under construction. If you love sports, you’ll surely be delighted with the options the country has to offer.
You can also enjoy many other sports, including water sports, horse riding and even skiing !

Open space rather than crowds.

Portugal has one of the lowest population densities in Europe, so even large cities are not overcrowded and there is plenty of open space for everyone’s enjoyment.

Preserved Countryside & Beaches

Now and in the future. The Portuguese government enforces strict town planning regulations to ensure that the beaches and countryside remain intact – so you can be sure that your investment will not be tainted by hundreds of developments popping up around you.
Invest in Portugal, your wise choice.

A place where you can feel at Home

Portuguese people are really kind and welcoming. You will feel good and ‘at home’ if you decide to make your second home in Portugal or your main home!


Tens of thousand have already chosen Portugal

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